Bed Bugs

person holding a magnifying glass over Bed Bug graphic against white sheets

Eliminate Bed Bugs and Feel Peace at Home Again!

Bed bugs resiliency as a pest is more profound than we give them credit for. They come into our homes unbeknownst to us on clothes, furniture, and accessories, hide in the tiniest gaps in our walls, floors, and electrical outlets, and can survive for over a year without a meal. You can’t starve them out, and there’s no telling if you’ve found one or if you’ve seen them all. So, how can you eradicate bed bugs from your home?

Most (DIY) solutions for bed bugs either don’t get the job done Completely or can put you and your family at risk for more severe problems in the future. The process of removing bed bugs from your home entirely will almost always require professional expertise. We are proud to offer you that expert service at an affordable price. Our Bed Bug protocol is not only safe, effective and environmentally friendly it is the solution to your problem.

Our Specialist at Service Shield Pest Control will come to your home, inspect the areas of concern and provide you with a detailed step by step plan to solve your bed bug issue once and for all.

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