Rodent Control


Remove Rodents, Rats & Mice from Your Home in Houston

Rats and mice are both rodents, they look similar but the major difference is their size.  In our region the most common are the House Mouse, Roof Rat and Norway Rat. Rats are larger with hairless tails while mice are much smaller with hairy tails.

Whether outside or indoors, rodents are a pest problem no customer wants to deal with on their own. These nuisance and inconvenient pests can cause damage with their activity and spread dangerous diseases. Teaming up with the Specialists at Service Shield guarantees you will have much success against a rodent outbreak.

They are constantly trying to find a way into our spaces and once they’re in they will use our things to set up their nesting area. They will use paper, fabric, card boards and other materials alike. A well knowledgeable person is needed to eradicate them from your home or office. At Service Shield we understand what’s needed to solve a rodent infestation and we are confident one of our plans will fit your needs. We offer baiting, rodent exclusions. We will correct your current problem and prevent any future issues as well.

Fun Facts About Rodents

  • Rats and Mice use their urine as a pheromone trail
  • Rodents’ incisors continue to grow so they gnaw to file them down
  • Rats will travel between 100 and 300 feet from the nest to locate food
  • Mice will only travel 10 to 25 feet to forage

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