German Roaches

German Roaches

Remove German Roaches from Your Houston Home

German roaches are a very dangerous pest to have in your home. They account for the cause of many diseases and can put you and your family in harm's way when they come in contact with food, storage areas, surfaces, furniture and more.

German roaches prefer the warmer climates so the Houston area is appealing to them and when the temperature drops, they will seek out shelter in our homes and office buildings.

For many years many have held the misconception that a dirty house is to blame for German roach activity. It doesn’t matter how clean you are, the possibility of infestation is always there!  So, people have worked tirelessly to no end at keeping their home spotless because they saw a small roach in the kitchen. To their surprise, that one roach sighting has turned into multiple roaches a day in a matter of weeks. One pregnant German roach is all it takes to start an infestation. Once German roaches enter the home using numerous different methods like boxes, appliances, groceries, furniture, and more they can reproduce at an alarming rate!

One female German roaches ootheca (egg sack) contains anywhere from 30 to 40 eggs. She can reproduce every 28 days or so. The life cycle for a female German Cockroach is 6 months. The other reason they are hard to get rid of is, once you take away their food source, they will eat almost everything else. From cardboard, to soap, hair, glue, excrement and even other roaches. In one year, a possible infestation can grow into millions of roaches if not treated correctly. Here at Service Shield, we know how to stop the existing roaches and their future generations as well.

If You Have German Roaches, Check Out the Following Tips:

  • Keep food and crumbs cleaned up and put away
  • Make sure not to leave dishes in the sink full of water
  • Be sure to fix leaking or dripping pipes
  • Empty your trash regularly

German roaches will never go away on their own accord. They only worsen with time; be sure to Shield your home from German roaches as quickly as you can!

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